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World Cup Records

If you are thinking about backing one of the home nations in your World Cup Predictor game selections, then you might want to have a look at their previous misfortunes. Read More

World Cup Magic Moments

Let’s take a look at some of the golden moments in past World Cups, that you would never have had amongst your World Cup Predictor fantasy football selections. Read More

Keeping your star players

One fun way to engage with employees at all levels of your organisation is through online fantasy sports games, such as the Noise World Cup Predictor. Read More

A History Of The World Cup

As Noise Agency launches its World Cup Predictor 2022, it’s worth taking a look back to see where it all began, over ninety years ago. In fact there have only been twenty-one tournaments held since it all began back in 1930. Read More

There’s No I In Team

For all the superstar strikers on hundreds of thousands of pounds per week, football is fundamentally a team game, and it needs every member of that team to work together to achieve success. Read More