Football Predictor Features

Easy to play

Easy to play

You don’t have to be a football fan to take part in the 2023 Women's World Cup Football Predictor, because as England proved last time round, anything can happen in those crucial 90 minutes. The game is easy to play, whether you are a long-standing season ticket holder or you think offside is the edge of the pitch.

Realtime Reporting

The 2023 Women's World Cup Football Predictor is updated in real time as each game takes place, so you can see how accurate your predictions have been. Any points you win will be added to your leaderboard as soon as the final whistle blows and you’ll then get to see exactly what your competitors predicted.

Realtime Reporting


From simple league within your office or region, to a global tournament right across your international business, you can set up the 2023 Women's World Cup Football Predictor to whatever size or scale you need. You can create local sub-leagues within your overall competition for departments, divisions or even countries, giving everyone a real chance of winning something as well as competing for the overall prize.


This year, more than ever before, The Women's World Cup 2023 is going to be a pan-world tournament, with 48 national teams taking part. This makes it ideal for uniting your operations and your customers across the continent and around the world.

To deliver the international leagues, the 2023 Women's World Cup Football Predictor comes with a comprehensive translation service in as many languages as you need.

multi lingual

Mobile Friendly

You can play the 2023 Women's World Cup Football Predictor wherever you are, whenever you like, from the train to work to the canteen on your coffee break. We understand how people interact with online content, and so we’ve made the 2023 Women's World Cup Football Predictor compatible with all devices, from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones.

Message Board

The friendly rivalry and one-upmanship are part of the fun of games like these, so we’ve included a message board to encourage that sense of competition through challenges, bragging rights and more. Naturally, all comments can be easily moderated by administrators.

Email Reminders

While some of your players will be avidly following the football from day to day, we also know that not everyone is such a fan. So, to make sure no one misses out, the system sends all players a daily reminder email that tells them which games are taking place, what predictions are required and when they need to be made by.

Match Trends

Some people like to go with the flow and follow the crowd, while others enjoy being a maverick and predicting the unpredictable. Our Prediction Trends features gives both types of player all the information they need on what their fellow players are predicting for each game, so they can follow the conventional wisdom or back the complete opposite.

Custom Branded

This is your 2023 Women's World Cup Football Predictor, so you can set it up your own way with your company’s unique images and banners, logos and links, to make it look unique, bespoke and professional. This makes sure it works harder in promoting your brand, both internally and externally. Administrators have full access to easily edit and amend their page content to tailor it to their exact requirements

Personal User Dashboard

To maximise engagement with the game, every player gets their own personal dashboard where they can manage their details, upload and change their profile pictures and follow their favourite teams. This makes it feel more like their game than a corporate project, driving them on to try and top their league.

Secure Management System

While giving players their own individual dashboard for personal access, the system also keeps your administrators in complete control. The administrator dashboard provides a top down view of all activity within the game, allowing you to manage content and message boards and to monitor all leagues and sub-leagues from one simple and secure site.


We understand that administrators will be busy with their day jobs, so we keep them fully informed of all site activity, such as new user registrations and message board activity. These notifications make managing your game simple and straightforward, taking up as little time as possible.