Engage with employees

Company team building doesn’t have to mean freezing to death together for two days in the Cairngorms searching for a flag. You can build teams by getting your staff to work together, or compete against each other, from the comfort of their own desk or delivery van.

The 2022 Football Predictor can connect people right across your company, starting conversations, building friendships and creating the kind of inter-departmental rivalry that breeds a sense of pride and belonging within each team.

It can be set up to suit any size of business, from a single office to a multi-national operation, with leagues and sub-leagues tailored to your company structure. That way you can pitch depot against depot in one country, while still uniting them together in competition with their company rivals abroad.

The thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of winning are strong motivators in themselves, but you can also add in prizes to encourage participation, engagement and excitement. This will help make your 2022 Football Predictor competition the talk of the company, creating a shared sense of community that is hard to beat.