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The Legacy Of The Lionesses

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Mar 13, 2023

The Legacy Of The Lionesses

After their success in the Euros, many people are excited about the prospects for the Lionesses in the Women’s World Cup this summer. It’s hoped that they can carry their momentum forward, and build on their success at Wembley, by adding a second major trophy to their cabinet. But in many ways, the team have already capitalised on their Euros victory through a successful campaign to support football for girls and find the next generation of Lionesses.


Challenging the Prime Minister

After their Euros triumph, the 23 Lionesses got together to write an open letter to the Prime Minister (or rather the two candidates at the time, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak). In the letter, they asked them to “make it a priority to invest into girls' football in schools, so that every girl has the choice”.


“We want every young girl in the nation to be able to play football at school,” they wrote. “We want their dreams to also come true”. The letter went on to highlight an FA report that found that only two thirds of girls can play football in PE lessons and that only 44% of secondary schools offer equal access to football for boys and girls.


A massive boost

This month, the Government responded to the open letter with a massive cash investment into the women’s game in schools. More than £600 million will be made available, over two years, to support school sports and after-school activities. This includes £57 million to fund the opening of facilities outside of school hours.


Perhaps more importantly, schools in England will be required to offer equal access to sports for boys and girls under the new plans, creating equal opportunities, regardless of gender.


A lasting legacy

While they’re proud of their achievements on the pitch and optimistic for more at the Women’s World Cup, the players are even prouder of their legacy for the next generation. As they said in their open letter “Throughout the Euros, we as a team spoke about our legacy and goal to inspire a nation. Many will think this has already been achieved but we see this only as the beginning.”


Now, with the full backing of the Government, and £600 million in funding, that legacy can become a reality, as England captain Leah Williamson explains: “We see it as our responsibility to open the doors (for young girls)…and this announcement makes that possible. This is the legacy that we want to live much longer than us as a team."


England coach, Sarina Wieghman says that the funding “is going to change society” and will have a dramatic effect on the women’s game. Mark Bullingham, FA Chief Executive, agrees, saying that “the magic of last summer’s Euros victory can now live on.”


More to come

If this is the impact that a win at the Euros can have, just imagine what success at the Women’s World Cup could bring. The Lionesses have already inspired a generation, and with support and funding for girls’ football in schools now in place ahead of the Women’s World Cup in July, the potential for young lion cubs is huge.


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