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Employee Engagement – Online games and Why They Work

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Nov 14, 2019

Employee Engagement – Online games and Why They Work

Creating an enthusiastic, engaged workforce should be the goal of every company, because the more your people feel part of what you are trying to achieve, the harder, and more creatively, they will work to make those goals happen. The more your company shows that you care about your staff, the more they will care about your company. The same is also true in reverse; if your employees don't feel valued or cared about, then they won't value their work or care about your company.

The biggest companies are big on employee engagement

The largest companies in the world all recognise the value of employee engagement and have taken active steps to take care of their staff and make them feel valued. The brand new Apple HQ in Cupertino was designed to look more like a nature reserve than an office park, with 80% of the land given over to green space and facilities such as a wellness centre built into the main offices. Leading tech innovators, such as Google and Facebook are famous for their chill-out nap pods, pet offices and game zones.

You don't need a ping pong tableEmployee Engagement Games

Of course, for most companies, these extreme types of employee perks are simply unfeasible. A pool table in the break room and an annual team building gorge scramble in the Lake District is all most companies can stretch to. But that doesn't mean you can't engage your team in other ways, including competitive games such as the Euro 2021 Football Predictor. Not only do games like this improve socialisation and strengthen relationships, they have also been shown to increase communication and boost creativity too, all of which leads to a more motivated, more engaged, and ultimately more productive workforce.

The three key elements of an online game

Studies have shown that there are three essential elements needed for successful online engagement with your team through a game:

  • Simplicity - making the game easy for all players to understand and participate in
  • Competition - to motivate people to pitch their skills against their colleagues
  • Progress - providing regular updates to keep players engaged and updated

The Euro 2021 Football Predictor has all of these elements in a game that everyone can enjoy, irrelevant of your knowledge of the football itself!

More than just a bit of fun

While the main aim of the Euro 2021 Football Predictor game is to engage your team and make them feel part of something that is fun, inclusive and engaging, there are also other advantages to this type of gameplay. Many companies offer private health plans or even gym memberships to keep their teams physically healthy, but little is done to take care of their mental health. Inclusive, company-wide games can help workers feel less isolated and more socially involved and included, boosting their mental health. What's more, the type of tactical thinking, strategic analysis and decision making tasks involved in the Euro 2021 Football Predictor have been proved to boost their creativity and keep their minds fresh.

Employee engagement starts here

At the end of the day, you don't need Silicone Valley nap-pods and sensory zones to create staff engagement. With the right online interaction, through games like the Euro 2021 Football Predictor, you can bring your whole team on board in an exciting and engaging way that works for everyone who takes part.

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