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The Last Three Teams Added to Your Euros Football Predictor Game

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Mar 28, 2024

The Last Three Teams Added to Your Euros Football Predictor Game

With the completion of the Euros 2024 play-off games, we now know the full list of twenty four teams that will be part of your Euros football predictor game as they compete in Germany this summer.

It was heartbreak for Wales and Greece, losing in a penalty shootout, but joy for Georgia, who qualified for their first ever international tournament at their 15th attempt.

How did they get there?

Twenty of the teams in your Euros football predictor game qualified through the group stages of the competition. A further twelve teams took part in the play-offs to secure one of three of the remaining four places. The final place automatically goes to the hosts, Germany.

Places in the play-offs were decided by a rather complicated process. This involved Nations League 22-23 standings, ‘reverse alphabetical order’ and a range of other complex restrictions and caveats. You read the formula for yourself on the UEFA website (but it’s probably easier just to take their word for it!).

The play-off semi finals

The play-off semi-finals took place on 21st March and produced some stunning and chastening results. Greece won by five goals, Poland won by four and Wales and Iceland won by three. The full results of the Euro 24 play-off semi-finals were:

Path A:  Poland 5  Estonia 1                Wales 4  Finland 1

Path B:  Israel 1  Iceland 4                  Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 Ukraine 2

Path C:  Georgia 2 Luxembourg 0       Greece 5 Kazakhstan 0

The play-off finals

The finals of the play-offs took place on 26th March, with two of the three games going goalless into extra time, and then penalties. Ukraine were the only team to progress in the 90 minutes, coming from 0-1 down at halftime to win 2-1.

Georgia comfortably won their penalty shootout against Greece 4-2, but the Wales / Poland climax went down to the very last of the ten spot kicks, where Dan James’s penalty was dramatically saved by Polish keeper Wojciech Szczesny. Poland progressed despite not having a single shot on target in the game.

Path A:  Wales  0 Poland  0 (AET)  Poland win 5-4 on penalties

Path B:  Ukraine 2  Iceland  1

Path C:  Georgia 0  Greece  0 (AET) Georgia win 4-2 on penalties

Who will they face in the finals?

The draw for Euro 24 has already taken place, with the play-off winners falling into groups D, E and F. Path A winners Poland face a tough time in Group D with Netherlands, Austria and France. Path B winners Ukraine have it a little easier in Group E with Slovakia and Romania, although they will also face Belgium. Finally, Path C winners Georgia will go into Group E with Portugal, Czechia and Turkey.

The full Euros 2024 groups

So now we know all twenty four of the teams that you can choose from in your Euros football predictor game, with the six groups completed as follows:

Group A – Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B – Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C – Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D – Netherlands, Austria, France, Poland

Group E – Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine

Group F – Turkey, Portugal, Czechia, Georgia

The tournament kicks off on Friday 14th June with hosts Germany vs Scotland, and continues through to the final, 50 games later, on Sunday 14th July.

Still time to register for the Noise Euros Football Predictor Game

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