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So Much to Play for in the Euros 2024 Football Predictor Game

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Mar 11, 2024

So Much to Play for in the Euros 2024 Football Predictor Game

So much to play for in the Euros 2024 football predictor game

When you think about major football tournaments, like the Euros 2024, you probably think that the teams are just playing for the trophy. However, there’s also a surprisingly large prize pot up for grabs, which can deliver a substantial bonus to both players and their cash-strapped national football associations.

You might be playing for a tasty prize pot in your own Euros 2024 football predictor game, but it won’t be anything like the prizes on offer in Germany this summer.

How much can each team win?

Every country that makes it to the Euros finals in Germany this summer will already be a substantial cash winner. Just for reaching the finals, each team will get €9.25 million (£7.91 million), and that’s just the start. Each win or draw will add to their total prize money, with the total growing round by round.

Every group stage win adds another million Euros, and even a draw adds half a million. From there, every level adds more and more to the cheque you get at the end of the tournament. There’s €1.5m for reaching the round of 16, €2.5m for reaching the quarter finals, €4m for reaching the semis and €5m each for the finalists. Winning the tournament adds a further €3m to the pot.

What happens to the prize money?

All of this prize money is cumulative, so if you win all your group games, and collect the prize money for progressing at each stage, you could walk away with a cool €28.5m or over £24 million.

Just like each company’s Euros 2024 football predictor game, each country has different rules for the distribution of these rich rewards. In England, the FA is thought to give around 40% to their squad of players – over a third of a million each. The rest is used for FA projects like supporting grassroots football, funding tournament expenses and training.

The tip of the iceberg

In the same way that running a Euros 2024 football predictor game has many different benefits for your employees, beyond just the prize that they win, Euros success can also have huge benefits that dwarf the main prize pot. Most companies, such as England sponsors Nike, EE, McDonalds and Budweiser, have significant win bonuses like these written into their contracts. Hardly surprising when the 2020 final reached a peak UK audience of 30.95 million viewers, with 328 million viewers watching worldwide.

England’s semi-final run at the World Cup brought in an extra £10m from Nike alone, and an extended run at the Euros could bring similar rewards.

Lifting the trophy

Of course, the financial side of the Euros mainly goes on behind the scenes. The fans are much more interested in their team lifting the trophy than cashing the cheque. The cup itself is the second version of the Henri Delaunay Trophy has been in use since 2008. It stands 60cm tall, weighs 8kg, and is named after the first general secretary of UEFA, who had the original idea for the tournament, but who sadly died before his vision became a reality in 1960.

Euros 2024 football predictor game winners may get a wide variety of prizes around the country and across the world, but Euro 2024 winners will each receive a gold medal, with a silver medal given to the runners up. There have been no bronze medals since 2012.

Bragging rights

More important than cash prizes, more precious than medals and trophies, it’s the bragging rights that the teams are really playing for. Just like in your own Euros 2024 football predictor game, winning is everything. The chance to prove you are the best of the best. The chance to look down on all your fellow players from the very top of the league. There’s simply nothing like it.

Perhaps that’s why the Noise Euros 2024 football predictor game is so popular with companies large and small right across Europe and beyond. To find out how you can bring the excitement of winning to your workplace this summer, get in touch with our team today. It’s not too late to book your place in the Euros 2024 football predictor game and play for a trophy of your own.

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