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World Cup Records

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Jul 6, 2022

World Cup Records

As the pinnacle of the game, the world cup naturally throws up its fair share of records, with remarkable runs, incredible performances and the worst luck you could possibly imagine. That’s what makes fantasy football games like the Noise World Cup Predictor 2022 so much fun. You simply never know what is going to happen or what new records are going to be set.

As you start to think about your guesses for the World Cup Predictor 2022 game, let’s take a look at some of the best and unluckiest teams in World Cup history and what a record-breaking year 2018 turned out to be.

Best performing team

It’s no surprise that Brazil are the most successful team in the tournament. They have played a record 109 games in the finals, taking part in every single one of the 22 tournaments so far. They have reached the last 16 in 21 of them and the quarter finals 18 times, and have gone unbeaten in no less than seven tournaments on their way to winning a record five World Cups. Along the way they have scored a record 229 World Cup goals, from a record 80 different players, earning them a record goal difference of +124.

Unluckiest team

Germany may be among your favourites for your World Cup Predictor selections, but it’s worth remembering that they are one of the tournament’s unluckiest teams. Germany hold the record for the most goals conceded, at 125, and the worst record in the semi-finals, going home five times. They have reached the final eight times, but they have lost as many as they have won, giving them the record for the most World Cup final losses. Though perhaps we should share a thought for the Netherlands, who have lost all three of their finals, or poor Mexico, who have been eliminated in the round of 16 no less than 14 times after progressing from the group stage.

Home nations

If you are thinking about backing one of the home nations in your World Cup Predictor game selections, then you might want to have a look at their previous misfortunes. Only England and Wales have made it through this year, with Wales setting a record for the longest time between finals of 64 years between 1958 and 2022. Scotland fans wouldn’t have been expecting much even if they had qualified, with the tartan team holding the record for the most first round knockouts, leaving early eight times. England generally do better, but still hold the record for the most quarter final knockouts, leaving at this stage eight times. They also hold the record for the most times a team has been eliminated without losing a game.

Looking at last time

One way to make your 2022 World Cup Predictor selections could be to look at the last tournament, and 2018 was a record-breaking exception in many ways. 2018 saw the most penalties awarded (29), the most penalties scored (22) and shared the record for the most penalty shootouts (4). It also saw the fastest World Cup yellow card, when Mexico’s Jesus Gallardo went in the book after just 11seconds. At the other end of the discipline scale, 2018 saw the first group decided by fair play rules, when Japan went through ahead of Senegal because they had received fewer yellow cards. When the games did get going, 2018 saw 169 goals in 64 games from a record 122 players, with at least one goal scored in 63 of the games and just one nil-nil draw, setting another new record.

What 2022 will bring is anyone’s guess, but if you guess it right, you could be the winner of the World Cup Predictor game for your team, your department or even your whole company. To find out more about getting your colleagues involved and engaged with the Noise World Cup Predictor game, get in touch today.

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