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Will The Lionesses Roar Again?

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Aug 11, 2022

Will The Lionesses Roar Again?

This summer, all the footballing attention has been on the Women’s Euros and England’s ground-breaking 2-1 win over Germany. Come November, that attention will shift to the men’s game, with the arrival of the 22nd World Cup in Qatar. Lots of companies have already signed up for the Noise World Cup football predictor game, one of our great engagement activities for larger groups.

Following the men’s successful run through to the final at the delayed Euro 2020 tournament, there are high hopes for England in Qatar. And there are even higher hopes for England’s women, as they head off to Australia and New Zealand for the 9th Women’s World Cup in July next year.

The women’s game roars ahead

This summer’s thrilling success by the England women’s team was a landmark in women’s football, bringing the game more attention, and more new fans, than ever before. No less than 17.4million people watched the Lionesses lift the Euro 2022 trophy at Wembley and a record 87,192 attended the game. That’s not just a record for a women’s game in Europe, but for any Euros match, for men or women. By contrast, just 67,173 fans attended England Men’s Euro 2020 final defeat at Wembley, a full 20,000 less!

On a roll

The England Women have been on a roll at the Women’s World Cup in recent years. They finished 4th in 2019 and 3rd in 2015, and this year, they seem unstoppable. In their eight qualifying games played (at the time or writing) they have won all eight, with a record of 68 goals for and zero against. This includes a 20-0 thrashing of Latvia in a single game and an aggregate 18-0 thrashing of North Macedonia. They have also put ten past Luxembourg, one of the two teams that they still have to play, leaving qualification for the tournament next year all but secured.

Who stands in their way?

The most successful team in the Women’s World Cup by far has been the United States. They have not only qualified for all eight tournaments, but they have made it to the semi-finals of all of them, reaching the final five times and winning it four times. They are also the reigning world champions having won the tournament twice running in 2015 and 2019. So when it comes to the Noise Women’s World Cup football predictor game, it will be a tough choice between national loyalty to England, and trusting the form of the best women’s football team in the world so far.

When is the Women’s World Cup 2023?

The next Women’s World Cup finals take place in Australia and New Zealand between July 20th and August 20th next year. It’s the first time that the tournament has been held in two countries, with matches played in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia, and Dunedin, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland in New Zealand.

The final will be played in Stadium Australia in Sydney on 20th August, but who will be there? Will it be the two tournament favourites, England and USA, the beaten Euro 2022 finalists, Germany, or will there be another team springing a surprise? If you think you know, then why not sign up your company to the Women’s World Cup football predictor game?

Get everyone involved

Women’s football predictor games can be even better as engagement activities for larger groups because everyone feels like they can get involved. Now that the England Women have gone one better than the men at the Euros, female colleagues will be determined to go one better than the men at the Women’s World Cup football predictor game. It’s a great way of helping your team to feel valued and appreciated, and to get everyone feeling like they are part of something special that goes beyond just their daily work.

To find out about the Noise 2023 Women’s World Cup football predictor game, and our other engagement activities for larger groups, get in touch today. Together, we can help you ride the wave of women’s football popularity, and use it to boost morale, encourage teamwork and get the best out of everyone in your company.

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