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Why Choose White Label?

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Jan 17, 2020

Why Choose White Label?

One of the best features of Euro 2021 Football Predictor is that it is available as a white label product, which can be tailored to your company to look like your own unique competition.

What does white label mean?

The term ‘white label’ refers to a product that comes without the branding of the creator, allowing it to be re-branded by the buyer as their own product. This is common in retail, with supermarkets offering their ‘own brand’ products which are actually manufactured by someone else. It is also common in the software industry, where companies buy a generic system and tailor it to meet their exact needs and carry their own company logos.

Your game, your way

By choosing the white label version of Euro 2021 Football Predictor, you’ll be able to host your game your way, with a range of unique and attractive features. You can add logos, choose your own images and even change the tone of voice to match your corporate style. We can even supply unique URLs that match your company website. In short, we can make Euro 2021 Football Predictor look like it has been created by your company just for your colleagues and customers.

White label for customers

When it comes to using Euro 2021 Football Predictor as a promotional tool, the benefits of branding as clear. You want your existing and potential customers to associate the fun and excitement of the game with your company, while at the same time developing brand recognition and brand loyalty as a result. 

White label for colleagues

These same ideas work internally too. If your team perceive the game to be something the company has created, then they will feel much more positively towards your organisation than if they think you have simply bought something in. The more you can personalise the game and make it relevant to your team, the more effective it will be in generating engagement across your company.

We’re here to help

To get your personalised version of the Euro 2021 Football Predictor, contact our friendly team today. We’ll help you arrange everything exactly how you want it, from the headline to the footer contact details, from the logos to the look and feel. We’ll even help you create company specific copy that talks about your team and gently goads them into taking part by stirring up well know rivalries and competition within the firm. It’s all part of the service with the Euro 2021 Football Predictor – with excitement and engagement guaranteed.

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