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Which country has scored the most goals in the Euros?

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Oct 18, 2019

Which country has scored the most goals in the Euros?

The UEFA European Championship has been run fifteen time since 1960, with Germany (both as West Germany and now a unified Germany) the most successful country. With three wins and three runner-up places, it is no surprise that they top the score sheet with 72 goals, including nine scored in their six finals. In fact, Germany have scored more Euro final goals than 2004 winners, Greece have scored in the entire history of the competition, and as many as Wales and the Republic of Ireland put together.

Winners and losers

Of course, winning doesn’t automatically put you high up the goals table. While the Netherlands have only won once, but scored 57 goals, Greece have also won once but only scored 14 times, with half of those goals in their one successful 2004 campaign. Spain have won the title three times and been runner up once, but have scored two goals less than one time winners, the Netherlands, while Italy, one time winners and three times finalists, have only scored as many goals as England, who have never even made it to the finals.

Home nations

The home nations have scored 55 goals between them, with England on 39, Wales on 10, Scotland on four and Northern Ireland on two, which puts the United Kingdom combined on the same score as Spain, seven less than France and 17 less than Germany.

Sometimes you don’t have to score lots of goals for them to be significant. Norway may have only scored once but it was in a 1-0 defeat of quarter finalists Spain at Euro 2000, while few will need reminding how important two of Iceland’s total of eight goals were in the last tournament in France in 2016...

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