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There’s No I In Team

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May 10, 2022

There’s No I In Team

If ever you wanted a good metaphor for teamwork, football has to be it. For all the superstar strikers on hundreds of thousands of pounds per week, football is fundamentally a team game, and it needs every member of that team to work together to achieve success.

The same is true about any workplace. There may be sales superstars who bring in the business, or charismatic figureheads like Elon Musk leading the company, but they are still part of a team. Without their support staff, the shop floor workers, the cleaners and the security guards, their companies would really struggle.

When it comes to team success, everyone is important. Having a goal-scoring forward is no use without a good defence and goalkeeper at the other end. And none of them can work effectively without the trainers and the medical staff in the backroom. And without the guy who books the bus and the team hotel, the team would never get to away games in the first place.

Playing at home

Unfortunately, teamwork has been under serious pressure over the in the last few years. Close-knit teams who previously worked together in the office, are now spread across the region working from home. All the Teams and Zoom meetings in the world can’t engage with your team in the same way as being in the same room. Online meetings may be booked for important discussions, but what about those precious five minutes of confidence boosting you get in the coffee room, or the inspiration that comes when ideas get bounced around a group? How can you have those ‘watercooler conversations’ and engage you’re your team when you’re not sharing an office every day?

How to reconnect your team

As we touched on above, to engage with your team and create that sense of belonging takes more than just about collaborating on work projects. It is also about interacting socially, with non-work conversations, in a way that makes you feel you are part of something bigger than your role or the next project on your pile. This is where the concept of team building comes from. But you don’t have to drag everyone up a Lake District waterfall in a wet suit to make them feel part of your team. You can do it with football.

The Noise Agency World Cup Predictor 2022 is an online fantasy football game that will engage with your team even if they know nothing about football or the World Cup. It brings everyone together with a shared purpose, it promotes friendly rivalry between team members, between departments and even between sites, and it starts the kind of conversations that simply don’t happen on Zoom.

World Cup Predictor 2022

In a game as unpredictable as a football knockout tournament, anyone can be successful with the World Cup Predictor 2022. There are always surprise score lines, unexpected victories and games that go completely against form. There are always plucky underdogs, overconfident failures and of course, injuries to key players.

The only thing that can be predicted with any confidence, is that the World Cup Predictor 2022 will bring your team together like never before. Picking teams in the World Cup Predictor 2022 will build your teams right across your company, from the MD who travels to all the European games, to the rugby fan in accounts who thinks the ball is the wrong shape.

The top 32 teams in the world are coming together in Qatar, and with the World Cup Predictor 2022, your team can come together too. To find out more about how to engage with your team using the World Cup Predictor 2022, and how it can help you build teams, get in touch today.

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