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Keeping your star players

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Jun 6, 2022

Keeping your star players

Even the most successful football clubs find it hard to keep their star players. Despite enjoying one of their most successful seasons ever in 2021/22, Liverpool are still set to lose Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich among other departures. Star players are always on the look-out for the next opportunity, and unfortunately these days, so are your staff, this is why its vital to engage with employees.

The ‘Great Resignation’ as it is being called, is hitting companies right across the spectrum of industry. Hardest hit has been law firms, with up to 44% of staff on the move, followed by IT and Telecoms, with 42%, and Sales, Media and Marketing, with 40% of staff changing jobs, according to figures from the ONS.

Mass migration

Randstad surveyed 6,000 workers and found that 24% wanted to change jobs in the next three to six months, while an Aviva study of 4,000 workers found that 64% planned to change jobs in the next year.

This not only creates problems with recruiting new staff, but can also cost companies a significant sum in lost productivity while those new staff bed in. Oxford Economics found that professional workers take up to 28weeks to reach fully productivity in a new job, costing employers around £25,000.

How to keep your staff

With long periods at home during Covid lockdowns and furlough, many workers have been re-evaluating their priorities when it comes to returning to work. Many people now realise that their work-life balance is more important than money when it comes to quality of life. In order to combat the ‘Great Resignation’, employers have to introduce new policies and practices that demonstrate that they value their employees.

Chris Mills, a director at Slack, says that its vital to engage with employees when it comes to building a loyal team. “Communication is critical to attract and retain talent,” he suggests. But how can you build a cohesive workforce in the new era of remote and hybrid working, and how can you make your team feel valued and put some fun back into the workplace?

The Noise World Cup Predictor game

One fun way to engage with employees at all levels of your organisation is through online fantasy sports games, such as the Noise World Cup Predictor. Games like these are easy to take part in, and they require no specialist knowledge or skill to succeed.

As the bookmakers and TV pundits know only too well, predicting the outcome of a football match is never easy, with unexpected results happening all the time. Both France and Germany were beaten by underdogs when they were defending World Cup winners, with Senegal and South Korea pulling off shock wins.

With the Noise World Cup Predictor game, everyone in your company can get involved, whether they are working from home, working overseas or even on the road around the UK. It’s mobile friendly and includes a personalised dashboard for each player showing their position in your company’s local, national and even international leagues. Better still, the World Cup Predictor game can be uniquely branded for your company, so it looks like you have created it just for your team.

Keep your star players

It’s never been harder to retain your top performers, so you need to do everything you can to show that you value their services. The World Cup Predictor game is a fun, exciting and engaging way to bring your employees together, wherever they are, building teams, promoting a positive atmosphere at work and making everyone feel like they are valued as people as well as workers.

To find out more about how the Noise World Cup Predictor can help you fight the ‘Great Resignation’, get in touch with our team today.


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