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Keep Your Team Onside

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Jan 24, 2020

Keep Your Team Onside

2021 is only a few weeks old, and already it is looking pretty challenging. Brexit has been confirmed for 31st January, the President himself is on trial in the United States and there’s a terrifying new virus spreading from China that is sending the tabloid media into a frenzy. 

With so many distractions and uncertainties, it can be really hard to bring your team together and get them to focus on the tasks ahead.

A shared experience

What you need is a shared experience that unites your employees across all aspects of the business, from the senior management to the office junior. Something that is free from politics, economics and deadly diseases; something that everyone can get involved in at whatever level they like.

Euro 2021 Football Predictor

The Euro 2021 Football Predictor is a great way of distracting your team from all the worrying news and focussing them on something they can share. It’s great for morale, it stimulates conversations and it builds relationships within your business in ways you never thought possible. You’ll be surprised at the friendships and friendly rivalries that spring up between colleagues and departments that previously never interacted at all. And with these interactions comes greater communication and understanding that will significantly benefit your business.

More than just an away day

One-off team building days are all well and good, but they are just that – a one off and a single day. You will get some excitement in the build-up and some talk in the aftermath, but it soon fades away, leaving you little to show for an expensive outlay. When it comes to lasting engagement, Euro 2021 Football Predictor keeps your team talking for weeks on end, with the excitement ramping up throughout as the leaders emerge and battle it out to be the very best.

White label for branded fun

Not only does Euro 2021 Football Predictor last longer than any away day or team builder, it can also come fully branded with your own company name and logos. The white label version of Euro 2021 Football Predictor allows you to maximise the feel-good factor towards your company, building loyalty as well as encouraging engagement.

Sign up now and beat the 2021 blues

With so many challenges facing us in 2021, it has never been more important to have some fun and make some friends to support us and help us get through the tough times. So sign up your company to the Euro 2021 Football Predictor today and get set for a more exciting and engaging year ahead.

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