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How to Watch Your Euros 2024 Football Predictor Picks Live

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Feb 5, 2024

How to Watch Your Euros 2024 Football Predictor Picks Live

If you’re taking part in the Noise Euros 2024 football predictor game, chances are you’ll want to watch the matches to see how your selections get on. The good news is that you can watch all 51 games on free to air TV in the UK, thanks to a joint deal between UEFA and BBC/ITV.

Of course, with Germany just across the English Channel, many fans will want to make the trip to see the games live in cities like Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin, where the final will take place. But how easy is it to get tickets to Euro 2024, and what’s the best way to get to the games?

Tickets for Euro 2024

With huge demand for Euro24 tickets, UEFA has used a lottery system to decide who gets to go to the games. There have been two draws already, with further ticket sales due to happen in March and May. Any spare tickets will go on sale during the tournament itself, but it’s a big risk to travel without a guaranteed seat, and you could end up watching the games in a Berlin beer hall rather than the magnificent Olympiastadion.

The FA also has a limited number of tickets for sale through the England Supporters Travel Club. Tickets start at just €30 and go all the way up to €2000 for the best seats at the final. Fans are advised to only buy from official sources, such as the FA or UEFA, and only use the official UEFA resale platform for exchanging tickets.

Travel to Euro 2024

One of the best things about the Euros is how easy they are to get to. While they may not be right on our doorstep like in 2020, Germany is just a short flight away from UK airports. Flight time from London to Berlin is just 1hr 50mins with Easy Jet offering one-way flights from Gatwick from under £40.

Eurostar can also take you, via Brussels, to many of the host cities to watch your Euros 2024 football predictor picks, including Cologne, Dusseldorf and Dortmund. Journey times are between four and five hours and ticket holders can get 25% off an Interrail pass for travel across Europe and between venues once in Germany.

You could even drive to the Euros, via the Channel Tunnel, with London to Frankfurt just 495 miles and London to Cologne just 374 miles. Coaches from London to Berlin may take almost a full day, at 22hrs 55mins, but the fare with Flixbus starts at just £57, making this comfortably affordable, if not a completely comfortable journey.

With tickets starting from £25, you could, in theory, travel to Berlin by plane or coach, and watch a game for less than it costs to watch a Premier League game at home. And with almost 23 hours on the coach to get some sleep, you won’t even need a hotel room!

Get involved with the Euros 2024 football predictor game

Whether you’re watching from your couch at home, or from the stands in Cologne, Euro24 promises a feast of football for everyone to enjoy. And you can add to the excitement by signing your company up to the Noise Euros 2024 football predictor game.

It’s easy and fun, whether you know your football or you know nothing about the game. It’s also a great way to encourage some healthy competition between colleagues, departments, branches or even national teams across the world.

To find out more about the Euros 2024 football predictor game, get in touch with our team today and kick off a fabulous summer of footballing fun.

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