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Can you see the shocks coming in your Euros 2024 football predictor game?

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Jan 8, 2024

Can you see the shocks coming in your Euros 2024 football predictor game?

“But I know nothing about football!”

If we’ve heard that comment once, about our Euros 2024 football predictor game, we’ve heard it a thousand times. But then if the shock results that we see every tournament are anything to go by, it seems clear that actually nobody does!

In fact, knowing nothing about football could be a real advantage when playing the Euros 2024 football predictor game. You’ll be able to guess results that all the so-called experts will tell you are never going to happen. And when those results do happen, it will be you that gets the points and shoots up the league, while the dedicated followers of football sit scratching their heads at how bonkers the beautiful game can be!

Utterly unpredictable

The European Championships have been unpredictable almost from the start. In 1968, just two years after their legendary World Cup win, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and co. found that it really was ’all over’ at the semi-final stage. Lowly Yugoslavia dumped them out of the competition, 1-0, despite England being strong favourites to go all the way.

It may have been England’s first big shock result, but it certainly wasn’t their last. In 1988, England fell behind to the Republic of Ireland after just six minutes and never found a way back. Four years later they took the lead against Sweden at Euro ’92 after just four minutes, but still ended up losing 2-1.

However, no England defeat comes even close to the nightmare of 2016. Once again, England took an early lead, going 1-0 up after just four minutes. However, this was followed by what Alan Shearer described as “the worst performance I’ve ever seen from an England team’, as England lost 2-1 to Iceland, sending them out of the tournament.

Surprise tournament winners

Of course, individual shock results are nothing compared to shock tournament winners. Pick the right surprise champions in your Euros 2024 football predictor game and you could bank some serious points. It’s happened before and it could easily happen again.

Denmark and Greece share the title for the biggest shock at the Euros, though perhaps Denmark edge it because of one crucial fact – they didn’t actually qualify for the finals that they went on to win!

Denmark only gained a place in the 1992 finals when Yugoslavia were kicked out two weeks before the tournament began. With no expectations around them, Denmark slipped under the radar and took the trophy with a 2-0 win over Spain in the final.

Greece were similarly written off in a 2004 tournament full of shocks, with Germany, Spain and Italy all going out at the group stage. Greece then took out the much-fancied France in the quarters and the Czech Republic in the semis, before shocking the soccer world by beating Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portugal team on home soil in the final.

Anything can happen and anyone can win

As you can see, expectations mean absolutely nothing in the Euros 2024 football predictor game. You can be World Cup winners. You can be one of Europe’s top sides, playing in your home tournament. You can even be playing a team from a country with just 335,000 people. There are still no guarantees when it comes to the score after 90minutes.

It’s a funny old game, as they say on the terraces, and you can have loads of fun playing, even if the game itself is a complete mystery to you. That’s what makes the Euros 2024 football predictor game so exciting. And there’s nothing quite as satisfying as predicting a score line that the self-appointed pundits just didn’t see coming.

To find out more about the Noise Euros 2024 football predictor game, and to see how to try and second guess those shocks and flummox the football fans, complete our contact form today, or call us on 01524 68446.

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